What people are saying…

References are available upon request.  Here are some thing people are saying about  our service.  

Feb 2018 – “Got back about 2am and Leonard was out and about and seemed calmer than I’ve seen him in ages. Thanks so much for taking care of him!”  ~ Kristine

Nov 2017 –  “We will DEFINITELY make arrangements with you to care for Fetus next time we travel, and recommend you to anyone we know needing pet care. It was so reassuring to hear from Crystal every day, and see the pictures, and know Ferris was safe and comfortable at home.  Thank you again for your care! ”  ~Tracy

“Thank you so much, Amy, for how you care for our dogs.  It is such a relief to me to know they get attention and affection and walks when I’m gone.”  ~ Dana

“Jennifer was great and my cat was treated like a king!”  I think he hopes when I leave for work in the morning that I’m going out of town and you all will get to come and visit and play with him.” ~ Chris

“Thank you so much for being available on last minute notice…it made our day so much easier.  I love your enthusiasm for our dog!”  ~ Kym

“Thank you, Amy!  It’s so great to know my furbabies were taken so well cared for while we were gone!”  Erika

Thank you so much for the care of our two dogs during our recent trip. The thought of travel, while exciting, hinged on our ability to find proper care for our older dogs. Rocky and Bubba are family members to us, and the thought of leaving them with strangers or locked up in kennels was not acceptable. Matt and Laura were gracious enough to make a visit to our home before our departure to meet the boys.

Bubba is quick to warm up to new people, but Rocky can be stand-offish and afraid of new people. My wife and I were  pleasantly surprised when, during this preliminary visit, Rocky went right up to Matt and let him pet him! During our trip we received regular text updates, along with pictures of the boys helping us to really relax and enjoy our trip. Having the boys in our own home made them more comfortable.

You have a great team, and I am happy to report that I would gladly use your service to provide care for our boys during any future trips.” ~ Jeff and Bette

I just want to say a big Thank You to you both, Amy and Linda, for taking such great care of our home and pets.   Our dog seems much happier and there is no “adjustment period” that we had when I did off-site boarding”  ~ Erin

Amy, Thank you so much for the wonderful and careful care of our dogs.  Much appreciated!”  ~ Sandy and Darrell

Thank you so much for taking such good care of the girls.  We couldn’t go anywhere without your help!” ~Gretchen

To anyone interested in hiring a wonderful pet sitter, Amy of Leash4Lease has watched our entire chaotic household of cats, dogs and birds for us and done a great job!  Lots of times!  I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone in need!”  ~ Patrick and Leslie .

One Happy Dog!   I could not speak high enough of Amy Munns. Since my dog started walking with Amy, he has become more relaxed, happier, and has not shown any of his previous signs of frustration at being home while I am at work.  Amy is a delight to work with. She is reliable, professional, personable, and knows how to love your dog like her own when you are gone.”   ~ Kirsten

Your walk with our dog yesterday was perfect.  Thank you!  It made a difference in our dog and in our evening as a family together.” ~ Pam