Who we are…

Leash 4 Lease, Inc. has been providing honest, reliable, in-your-home pet care since 2001.  We love your animals just like our own!!!

The Leash4Lease team has a ton of experience from owning our own pets, working on farms, being members of 4H, working at vet clinics, volunteering with local animal rescues – and of course, petting every animal that comes our way.  Combined – we have countless hours and years of experience.

Not limited to just dogs and cats – we care for horses, chickens, reptiles, sugar gliders, bunnies and goats, hamsters and birds too.  If it’s got fur, feathers, gills or scales…we take care of it!  Ask us about the time we took care of 14 rats!!!

We offer daily dog walks, pet sitting and house sitting. We are all covered by the same insurance and bond and we’ll happily provide references when requested.

Call us today to see who is the best fit for your needs.


The 2018 Leash4Lease Team


Love being around animals?  Want a flexible schedule?  Want to join our team?  We’re currently looking for team members who can offer doggy sleepovers (boarding in their homes) or house-sitting (overnight care in a client’s home) services.  Contact us today and let’s talk!